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The Ultimate Landscaping Guide To Gabions (Step-By-Step)

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Thinking about including Gabions in your backyard design or driveway design? Here is everything you need to know about Gabions fences, baskets and retaining walls.

Build your own retaining wall using Gabion baskets

Gabion fences, Gabion baskets and Gabion retaining walls

The word Gabion is Italian for “big cage”. A Gabion is a wire steel mesh basket that is filled with decorative rocks and used in hardscaping as a garden retaining wall or for garden edging. They are made from hot dipped galvanized 5mm gauge steel with a 50 x 50mm mesh gap.

The wire steel mesh can be either woven or welded. Landscaping Hobart prefers welded Gabions as they look better and last longer than woven Gabions.

Advantages of using Gabions in your garden

The advantages of Gabions are:

  • Gabions are an example of low maintenance landscaping as they require little to no maintenance;

  • the gaps between the decorative rocks provide for natural drainage;

  • graffiti or vandal proof;

  • the wire steel mesh can settle and deform without the risk of failure or loss of efficiency

  • cheap and easy to install; and

  • Gabions are resistant to the elements, especially corrosive Tasmanian coastal landscapes.

Gabions have been proven to be reliable and cost-effective alternatives to the traditional concrete sleeper retaining wall.

Gabion basket installation guide

Before you start installing your Gabion, be sure to visit the Tasmanian Government Consumer, Building and Occupational Services Website for consumer building information,.

Thinking about including Gabions in your next front yard landscaping or modern landscaping project? Drop us a line at Landscaping Hobart by emailing or using the Quote page.

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