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Master Class: Growing Basil in Tasmania

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This Master Class by Landscaping Hobart will teach you how to grow Basil in Tasmania.

Basil is known for being attractive, tasty and easy to grow. While there are over 100 different species of Basil, the most commonly grown species is Sweet Basil (Ocimum Basilicum).

Indoor Basil plant

What soil:

Rich soil that is well-drained.

Where to plant:

Basil should be planted in a full sun, yet sheltered position in your garden.

Frost tolerant:

Basil does not tolerate frost.


3cm of water per week.

Plant next to:

You should plant Basil next to tomato, capsicum or apricots.


Space your basil plants approximately 30 to 45cm apart to allow for plenty of airflow and sunlight.

How to harvest:

Aim to remove 1/3 of the Basil leaves per month – this encourages new growth. Pinch off any flower buds that begin to form using your thumb and index finger.

Pests and diseases:

The key pests to watch out for are aphids, slugs and snails.

How to grow Basil in a pot indoors:

You can grow Basil in almost any container, including pots. However, you need to make sure that the pot:

  • has drainage holes as Basil needs well-drained soil; and

  • is placed on a sunny windowsill where there is plenty of sunlight - if you do not have enough sunlight, buy a UV lamp instead.

How to grow Basil from seed:

Create a Newspaper Pot using this Gardening Australia Guide – they are cheap alternative to plastic pots which will last for approximately 4 to 6 weeks before breaking down. Fill your Newspaper Pot with good quality potting mix and sprinkle the Basil seeds over the surface. Water them lightly and allow the Basil seeds to settle into the potting mix without covering the seeds. If you live in an arid or dry climate, create your own greenhouse by cutting the bottom of a large soda bottle and placing the top half over your Newspaper Pot. This will create a natural greenhouse effect to keep your Basil plant warm and moist. Place your NewsPaper Pot in a sunny position indoors and allow the Basil seeds to germinate for 3 to 5 days. When you see sprouts beginning to form, remove the soda bottle greenhouse. After that, water your seedlings about twice a week, generally when the top soil looks dry.

How to grow Basil in winter:

You can grow Basil in winter by moving your pot indoors to a sunny position, covering the pot with a soda bottle greenhouse and supplementing any lack of natural sunlight with a UV lamp.


Landscaping Hobart recommends using your Basil plant in Taste’s Basil Pesto Recipe.

Make your own homdemade Basil Pesto

Struggling to grow your Basil plants in Australia? Reach out to Landscaping Hobart by emailing or using the Quote page.

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