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Master class: Growing Globe Artichokes in Tasmania

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This Master Class by Landscaping Hobart will teach you how to grow Globe Artichokes in Tasmania.

Learn how to grow Globe Artichokes in your garden

Globe Artichokes (Cynara Scolymus) are different to Jerusalem Artichokes (Helianthus Tuberosus) - you eat the thistle and flower bud of the Globe Artichoke and not the tuber as you would in the Jerusalem Artichoke. As they originated in Central Asia and the Mediterranean, these extremely hardy vegetables will grow in Tasmania.

What soil:

Well-drained sandy soil with plenty of compost.

Where to plant:

Globe Artichokes should be planted in a full sun area.

Frost tolerant:

While Globe Artichokes can tolerate mild frosts, you can protect it with straw.


Water frequently and deeply, approximately one to three times a week – this will ensure the edible flower buds are kept fleshy and tender.

Plant next to:

You should plant Globe Artichokes with cucumber.


Make sure there is at least a meter of space between your Globe Artichokes and more than 30cm deep of soil.

How to harvest:

Pick the flower buds before they begin to open, leaving at least a few centimeters of stem attached to the flower bud. The earlier you pick these buds, the more tender they will be.

Head of a Globe Artichoke

Growing Globe Artichokes in pots:

Did you know that Globe Artichokes can be grown in pots? Globe Artichokes grow into large plants (up to a metre tall and a metre wide). Accordingly, the pot which you select should be at least a metre wide and 30cm or more deep to allow the plant to establish a deep root system. Do remember to place the pot in a full sun area to encourage the development of flower buds, being the part which you can eat.

Pests and diseases:

Watch out for crown rot in humid climates.


Landscaping Hobart recommends using your Globe Artichokes in BBC’s Artichoke & Pecorino Bruschetta Recipe.

Having difficulty growing Globe Artichokes in Australia? Get in contact with Landscaping Hobart by emailing or using the Quote page.

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